Stormy Road

Shot near Jasper, Canada, in May 2014. Those of you interested in the post-processing performed on this image can check out the short video below. Feedback is welcome! And if it’s positive, I’ll continue doing this for future photos. I suggest watching in 1080p and fullscreen.


Moose Lake in British Columbia, Canada. This is a heavily processed shot. From my point of view, the goal in landscape photography is not necessarily to imitate the natural look of the scene, or what the eyes see. I sometimes try to augment the scene into a visually stunning yet still somehow believable image. I admit the balance is pretty difficult to find, and that this image may look thoroughly fake to you!

Here are the post-processing steps taken on this photo, in time-lapse form:


The W.A.C Bennet Library in SFU’s Burnaby campus. For those of you interested in the technical aspects, this is a blend of 6 exposures; five of them for the foreground and to diminish the overexposure from the lights in the walkway, and one for the stars.

Where I am, When I am

Three years ago on this day I created Imaginion, and to be honest, I was not confident that I could keep it alive this long. But it happened, and I hope this doesn’t end anytime soon. Thank you for still visiting this place!

The photo is a two part time-lapse view from my apartment in Vienna. This city does not have many landscapes to shoot, but if there is one thing it has, it is an abundance of old cathedrals and churches. The music is the fantastic Nocturne in C minor Op 48 n.1, composed by the great Chopin. The embedded video is supposed to start at 20:30, which is where this Nocturne begins, but of course feel free to listen to all of it.